• You Have a Lifetime to Work But Children are Young Only Once. English Proverb

  • The choice to bring children into the world is the right of every woman, choosing to do it without the intention of raising them is not. Suzanne Venker

  • Mothers love grows by giving. Charles Lamb

The mission of this website is to provide decision making resources and information about available support for the stay-at-home parent.  This site will assist parents in understanding the importance that consistent and regular parental time has on the development and growth of their child.

I am a recent grandparent of a beautiful granddaughter.  In researching the importance of stay-at-home parenting I discovered that there is little written about the effects of “maternal absenteeism” on the child.  In fact it is reported that there are five times the number of animal rights groups than there are groups that focus on the welfare of infants and toddlers.  Much is written on easing the guilt of parents who insist on working after a birth, but little on the effects on the child. The focus of this website is the child.   I realize that in many cases working is necessary to provide for a safe and healthy environment for the child.  Living in a safe environment is paramount.  This web site is for the parents of the, estimated to be 12 million, preschoolers (65% of the entire preschool population) who are in some kind of regular child care arrangement other than maternal care.

Thank you for visiting this site.  Your comments, Facebook shares, and suggested additions to the resources are very much welcomed and appreciated.  Thank you and happy parenting.

                                                                                    By A Proud First Time Grandfather

Parenting is for parents not child development or day care ‘professionals’.
Brian C. Robertson

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